Deals with all kinds of conflict, from divorce and separation to civil and business lawsuits

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Family mediation

When it comes to family mediation, Reklamx can help with everything from MIAMs and divorce to child custody battles.

child mediation

Meetings between mediators and children and young people are only undertaken with parental consent and carefully planned in advance.

business mediation

Civil and commercial mediation services are provided by our colleagues, including mediation of workplace and construction conflicts.

Online mediation

Using Family Mediation Matters Reklamx’s online mediation service is quick and simple, as well as secure. At a time and place that works best for you, we can mediate. Because of our long history of delivering MIAMs and mediation services, our online service adheres to exactly the same high practise standards as our in-person ones. Mediation miams families uk


  • Individual and group mediation
  • Specialists in dispute resolution since 1998
  • Pre- and post-nuptial mediation
  • Resolve emotional issues
  • Secret procedure
  • Zoom, if possible, face-to-face
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